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Oct 15 2010, 10:33 AM
I quess this is the writers revenge for me being one of the few here who still defends them and even enjoys the show (mostly), but I really have to wonder why they even bring Jennifer back when she will just replay the same story we already saw two times. This whole scene is like a totall ripoff both from 1994 AND 2001 (if Abby was teen then). You donīt have to change even a line. Is there anyone who is interested to see it for third time?

Oct 15 2010, 10:33 AM

It depends. I am a huge Jack & Jennifer fan, but if this is Jennifer's story I'm fine with it as long as Jack eventually does come back.

Why? To try to win her back for another two years, only for her to finally magnaminously take him back just before the show is canceled? There is no point. Why he would even want her back? How many guys she tried to replace him just in the last 10 years? In 00īs it was atleast new in the sense MA was now finally playing the part he should during the JER era. With him on and the chemistry between Missy and him still there they had atleast somewhat aknowledge J/Jīs supercouple past. But this time, even when MA comes back, itīs totall and direct replay of Langan. The last thing I want to watch is another version of "you are a deadbeat, Jack, I moved on; please Jennifer, take me back; I love this woman but I have first fulfill all these evil DiMera orders she can never know about."

Itīs downright pointless. They are apparently even destroying the close relationship between Jack and Abby, one of the few things I could still look forward.
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