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Speaking as a Jack and Jennifer fan, I guess I'm glad I don't share everyone's alarm!

Jack's my favorite character from Days but... the truth is, he's kind of an asshole. He's been an asshole from day one. Pulling these kinds of stuff is 100% in character for Jack, and that's why I'm not worried about it. Yes, it's troubling that Abby's condemning him when she's usually been his greatest supporter but... she's also older and wiser now. I love Jack, I love him with Jennifer and I love when he comes out on top, but what has always been the most appealing aspect of the character to me is how flawed he is. Since his redemption the show has wavered on whether they want to write Jack as an anti-hero or a straight-up hero, and the times when he's a regular hero have always been the least interesting to me.

So, if everyone else in town is hating on him, that's not a big deal to me. Hell, everyone in town hates on Nicole and E.J. too, and they're two of the main characters. I like when Jack's an underdog and I like when everything seems to be against him and then he eventually gets everything he wants back. It's more fun this way. I didn't want Jack and Jennifer to just come back to town blissfully happy and sit on the sidelines pouring tea for other people to give them advice on their problems. I want them to have an actual story and have to struggle and fight to be together. And the way this story is being written seems to leave the door for Jack's return wide open, much more than if neither Jennifer or Abby still had some lingering conflicts and issues with Jack.

I remain tentatively optimistic, though I don't blame those who are otherwise. At least the first scene isn't Jennifer plunging a knife into his chest like a certain other couple.
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