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^ My face watching DAYS

What an absolute slap in the face to Jack and Jennifer fans.....what else is new though, they totally obliterated the Jarlena fanbase and not to mention what they have done to the Bo & Hope fans, why should I expect any different for J&J.

These writers can go fuck themselves.

Are they SERIOUSLY breaking up J&J again, painting Jack as a totally irresponsible clown who has once again left Jennifer and his family behind to pursue a story....and WTF Abby convincing her mother to go after Dr. Random (didn't this story happen already, only insert Colin/Brandon/Frankie) again (Ty Treadway's character) GMA *HUGE* FB!!

I am so sick of this bullshit...round and round we go with this crap....the characters of Jack and Jennifer deserve better than this....and what a way to totally taint their last exit, which IMO was very well written and acted.

I would rather see Jennifer KILLED OFF than go through this kind of shit story again....Reeves should have stayed away, this story is a total disservice to her legions of dedicated fans, she should have enquired about the story before deciding to blindly return....not impressed!

What is it going to take for DAYS writers to get it through their head that Jack and Jennifer BELONG together....this Jennifer and new random doctor romance bull shit has Dena FUCKING Higley's hands all over it...she HATES Jack and Jennifer and that was so obvious the last time she was HW and sent them to backburner hell.

This bitch is a toxic pile of pure shit!

And then having Abby "turn" on her dad like this and encourage her mother to move on with some random...what a cunt!....she was J&J biggest cheerleader...NOT INTERESTED and CERTAINLY not interested in whatever that was that was trying to audition for the role.

Ugh this show is such crap...such BULLSHIT!


Sorry I gotta say it, but DAYS deserves to be cancelled for shit like this, they deserve these TERRIBLE ratings they are getting...the actors deserve better than this. What an embarassment and all this happening during their 45th anniversary...wow... :puke: :puke: :drunk:

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