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Oct 15 2010, 07:33 PM
Oct 15 2010, 07:30 PM
Wow Sami way to react to your fiance's sister being hit by a car. Always the selfish Sami. She is the real monster always has been. I'm with Stefano, don't get why Ej loves her so much.

I was so annoyed when Arianna kept saying to Ej that Sami was a train wreck now I see why they did that.

Sami's damage:

Bullet hole to Ej's head
Lies, lies and more lies
Made Will an accessory after the fact
Made Rafe an accessory after the fact
Rafe quits the job he loves and turns his back on his beliefs
Messes up all her kids lives and confuses the hell out of the younger ones
Pits Rafe and Ari against each other
And disgusts the hell out of me!
All in a matter of how much time?

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
The only thing you forgot is the fact that she's a whore LOL! But yeah, your list pretty much covers it.
Totally agree with every word you said. I don't know why he loves her and how can Rafe just give up everything for her. He is going to feel so bad that Arianna dies and they were fighting up until the last moments of her life. It is kind of like his fiancÚ's death all over again this time it was his sister. His is giving up everything for a woman who does not even deserve it.
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