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Amazing how the show can crater in a year's time. It's been sliding downwards steadily for the last seven months, with only occasional slight blips towards stabilization. It's October. We are well into the time period that ratings should have been picking up if it was just a matter of summer and vacations.

This the same writing team as last year. It's largely the same cast. Ratings were fine (by today's standards) up until the end of February 2010, so it's not like Crystal and Louise hurt anything when they were brought on. They were working with similar budgetary restrictions last year. It's just that the stories for the last 7-8 months have failed to resonate, and yes, I do blame the focus on Sami, Sami, Sami, fucking SAMI. She and her stories, such as they are, have been heavily promoted this year. Even though AS doesn't lead in airtime Rafe and EJ exist solely to admire Sami's vagina and the shooting and fallout is sucking up huge story, and I do mean sucking. There is a lot wrong with Days and not all of it is due to the Sami Show, but she and her men bear a lot of the blame IMO.
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