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The writing team in 1991 totally changed Jack and Jennifer when they first got married and all the teams that have followed have kept the same pattern.

As soon as Jack and Jennifer married, they totally changed Jack. He was never obsessed with money, and obtaining money before then. He had money. He was rich, he was a millionaire. He liked to flaunt it, and spend it.

As soon as they got married, on the honeymoon all of a sudden Jack was terrified people would know he had money and he was cheap not wanting to go to an expensive resturant because it would not only cost a lot of money, but people would see that they had a lot of money. Yeah, Jack could be frugal before, and would check every coin return and hated to tip, but he also wasn't afraid to spend it or show off with it.

But all that was just for a storyline to make him insansely obsessed with money so he could lose it all. Someone thought poor penniless Jack would be funny.

Jennifer used to be adventurous in her own right. She used to be impulsive and jump into things before she knew what was going on or got all the facts. She wasn't above causing the messes too, not just Jack. Such as getting herself mixed up in the whole Katerina mess.

Once she got married, Jennifer was written as the perfect angel, who lost her brain, in that she fell for every line some guy gave her without question, starting with Howard and Hawk. She lost her inquisitive, reporter nature to get the to the bottom of things. She lost her spunk and it hasn't been found since.

Jack used to 'run' but when he did, he ran for Jennifer; because he thought it was for her own good. Before they were married, until he left in '93 he never ran away for some wild goose chase. He wasn't a dreamer, he was a pessemist. He'd run from her, because he felt Jennifer would be better off without him because of his past, so he wouldn't hurt her.. or as he would finally admit, so he wouldn't get hurt himself.

Sure after 20 years, he can't still be running away afraid of love, but it's unfair to say he was always running off chasing some foolish dream. Even in 1993 when he left, it was more in character. He felt Jennifer and Abby would be better off without him because his past has come back to hurt them. He ran off as a punishment to himself, that he didn't deserve to be happy. That was a theme of Jack's. He never felt worthy of being happy. And if he was happy, he was always afraid it was going to be taken away.

Jack used to be a tortured soul who used sarcasm as a shield and a few jokes to deflect his real feelings. Somewhere along the way, starting in 1991 that was taken way out of context and complex Jack Deveraux became Jack Tripper.
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