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^ My face watching DAYS

This is the worst DAYS has been...probably ever.

The show is an unrecognizable pile of crap and the latest ratings (last in HH, last in viewers, down over 600,000 viewers from this time last year down .5 in HH (lol)...oh man) have only emphasized this fact.

TPTB are in a serious state of denial...how can they look at these latest numbers, compare them to last year and then sit there and still truly believe everything is fine and they are still on this big renaissance that they were being credited for last year....that was over a LONG time ago.

DAYS has just done what it always has....took one step forward, and now three steps back. Wash, rinse, repeat.

And this Melissa Reeves return is not going to make one difference at all in the ratings and certainly not with this crap story they are bringing her and Abby back for.
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