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Oct 15 2010, 08:54 PM
Oct 15 2010, 07:59 PM
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This is a big misunderstanding. Iīm all for J/J having a conflict. Iīm all for them separate, even move on with other people. But OMG do it with a respect to what they are and not try to constantly put down one half just because you want viewers to give a better chance to the newest interloper. Bo and Hope still love each other. They still have an utmost respect for each other. Yes, their marriage has failed and Bo is even in love with another woman, but he is not portrayed as the deadbeat husband and daddy who naive and stupid Jennifer is still in love with even when she would be much better with pretty much any man who comes along. Thatīs what makes me so angry. This is not different from Langan, itīs exactly the same. Heck, we could just copy and paste the scene where Julie encourages Jennifer to move on and it would fit in perfectly. No change needed.

And letīs not even start with Abby, the same Abby who was beyond upset with her mum when she moved on with Frankie even when she thought daddy is dead. Now she encourages her to have an affair? Not even a line from this scene anyway fits with who Abby is and how we get to know her on screen. And Iīm not talking about some old memory from J/Jīs gold days, Iīm talking about just 4 years ago.

As for Jennifer trying to defend Jack, she basically says she always knew he is a deadbeat but still married him and for some unknown reason she loves him. I donīt think thatīs the best way you sumarize arguably third or fourth most popular romance story of the showīs 45 yearīs history. Itīs right from Langanīs women will understand theory where he thought the more bad and unappealingly he writes Jack the more will people sympathize with Jennifer and her new romance. Itīs forced, it contradicts everything the viewers saw and it will make Jennifer look really stupid becase she married this unreliable and incompetent man not once, not two, but three times. And if/when he finally returns she will eventually take him back once again.
The problem is that Jack really is unreliable. That's not new. And Langan didn't make up that aspect of Jack's personality, it's always been there. I wouldn't call him incompetent since all characterizations of Jack have included that he's a gifted reporter and writer, but he can be a bit of a screw-up because he tends to scheme and dream rather than actually work hard in conventional ways. And that ties back to the fact that Jack comes from wealth and the upper-class and so he was used to just always having money. Thus even in the first run we saw him scheming to get his millions back rather than just buckle down and get a regular job like everybody else.

Bo and Hope's situation is different because their personalities are different. None of them have the shady persona that Jack has. So, yes, we're going to get scenes with people like Julie encouraging Jennifer to move on from Jack. And, objectively, one can understand where she's coming from. Seriously, Jack's a dick. He loves Jennifer and the kids with all his heart, but he's not a very good husband and he's only a slightly better father. Frankly, I'd like the character of Jack less if people didn't lob these justifiable complaints Jack's way because otherwise he'd be this annoying Mary Sue character who does these rotten things and never ever gets called on it.

And I wouldn't worry about the situation making Jennifer look bad. I frequented soap message boards during J&J's second run and... they were extremely popular. Even among people who didn't see the first run. Jack was a fun, entertaining character in that era. The very definition of the Lovable Rogue. And everyone loves that guy. So, worry not, no matter how bad they make Jack look (if they even do, I suspect it won't be as egregious as you're fearing) he's still going to be popular and rooted for by the audience. He always is.
I agree witth both of your posts.

And, to touch on Kenny's point about coming up with a new and fresh way to break them up, not sure what you can do there short of making them act out of character. People may not like what the show is going to do but at least it's in character. Just watch these two in the early 90's. It's consistent. It may be a case of been there, done that but, if it works for the characters, that is the most important thing.
What they can do? They can for once have Jennifer be the one chasing Jack. If they want a conflict, let Jennifer be the screw up and wanting Jack back.
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