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Oct 15 2010, 05:59 PM
Oct 15 2010, 05:04 PM
Oct 15 2010, 04:44 PM
The problem I have with Jack and Jennifer and the current regime is that Jack is ALWAYS the one fucking up, he is always the one running out on his family and Jennifer is always being tested and tailored for a new guy, someone who is the anti-Jack.

Its VERY unoriginal and totally ridiculous. Jennifer will only ever love Jack, to try and imply that she will move on with someone knew is just ridiculous...i think I am more annoyed that the show is trying to create this new magical relationship between Jennifer and any random guy, hoping it will stick and become popular enough so that they never have to bring Jack or MA back to the show.

I feel like the show is almost resentful that Jack worked so well for Jennifer, and do not like the idea of a central and core Horton character is sorta tied to Jack forever.

And THAT is what pisses me off, no respect for MA or the character of Jack or J&J as a couple.
I don't agree with all of this. Honestly, and again I say this as a die-hard Jack fan, it's not just under this current regime that Jack is the one always fucking up. It's under every regime that's ever written for the character. Jack has never not been the one screwing things up. Jack is irresponsible and untrustworthy. Those are core traits of his. He's also arrogant and manipulative. He really is a total jerk, even Matt Ashford's admitted that. But these assholish qualities are tempered by him also being passionate and adventurous and clever and charming, which thus makes him a likable character, but he's always been untrustworthy, always shied away from commitment and stability. It's who he is.

So, honestly, to make him suddenly this stable responsible guy would be completely out of character. And since Jennifer is a stable and responsible person, that is always a conflict, and so it makes sense, if she's going to be with someone else, that she be with an Anti-Jack. But ultimately these guys will either turn out to be evil (Peter, Colin) or she'll get bored with them (Frankie, Brandon) and she'll realize Jack is ultimately the one she belongs with and is the one that makes her feel alive. Usually these other pairings aren't paired as that magical for all that long. Colin and Peter were both turned evil almost immediately, Brandon was never treated as a serious possibility for Jennifer and Jennifer was only interested in Frankie the second time around because Jack asked her to be.

And I don't think they're resentful that Jack works so well with Jennifer. I think JER's regime was resentful of that... in fact that was clear. Other regimes have not. Even Langan, for all the faults there, ultimately wrote Jack as a sympathetic character that the audience rooted for. We forget that for all the silliness, there was some really good moments in there for them. The show is well aware that Jack and Jennifer are a supercouple, and I think they're fine with that, although Jennifer is definitely the part of the equation that's most important to them (which is nothing new - Marlena was more important to Days than John and Bo seems more important to Days than Hope, they choose favorites). But supercouples can't just always be together. They've broken up Bo and Hope and John and Marlena just as often as Jack and Jennifer. These couples need to have drama in order for there to be any story.
You said it all. I agree completely.

I mean, people are always wanting character driven stories and complaining when people act out of character. Well, in this case, both J&J would be in character and yet people are still complaining? No wonder the show ignores what the fans want. :eyeroll:
Just because a character is depicted 'in character' doesn't mean it's a character driven story. This regime has proved that they don't write to drive characters, they write to drive poorly planned plots and bend people, time, place to make their nonsense work.

And where the hell is Jack Jr in all of this? Traipsing the world on his daddy's spirit quest?
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