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dc cubs
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Oct 16 2010, 02:40 AM
Oct 13 2010, 09:34 AM
The show has gotten a bit boring for me too. I miss Rob Lowe.

I'm confused about the money too. First epi Sarah was selling the land for 55 million. But why do most of them seem so broke? They spoke about not selling it, but I don't recall them coming to a decision. I like the new guy, but I feel it's way too soon for Kitty to have a love interest. She buries Robert, and a week later she's flirting with another guy? Not very realistic.
Hasn't there been a one year jump into the future after Robert's death? So Kitty has waited a year before dating someone else..
Yes, a year did pass but Kitty kept Robert on life support for that full year. She did not pull the plug until the first episode of this season and that is when Robert died. However, there could be an argument for the fact that Robert really has been gone a year since he was non responsive and in a coma for that year.
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