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I loved last nights show, but I have loved every season. Maybe I am just a sucker for sap.

The Justin/Rebecca reunion was kind of heartbreaking for me, and I'm somone who never much cared for her character or their relationship. I loved how it ended though. I cried with Justin when Rebecca left and Nora told him to let it all out. I mean I really cried with him. You could feel how much he wanted her to stay. And kudos to Rebecca for leaving Justin the sweet pic and the coffee/cocoa/cinnamon remedy for not sleeping, that was a nice touch. I also liked that she took that last pic of her mom and dad before heading out, despite how crazy rude Holly was to her. They gave her a great send off, leaving it open if they ever wanted to bring her back.

Why does Holly seem to remember everyone but her own daughter? I don't know.

Love Kitty and her construction/carpenter man. She needs a REAL regular-type down to earth guy to help her get over Robert's death. He's been "gone" a year now. Time to move on and live again.

Sara's story was dumb and had a predictable ending.

Saul, Kevin and Scotty's closeness is really nice. I loved that Saul's friend, payed by the excellent Stephen Collins, and he reunited. I'm glad Saul was honest about his disease and hopefully in a future episode, they can revisit. Saul needs love too!
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