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Bad editing today...everyone was all over the place.

EJ is wearing his raggedly Sears pink shirt and can't stop fumbling with his head. Are we sure EJ doesn't have an evil twin because he is such a prick. Really laying on the mean guy routine pretty thick.
His entrance to see Sydney kind of scared me. I miss oldSyd. NuSyd reminds me of Nicole. ;)

Did I ever mention how much I hate child custody "get your hands off mah kids" scenes between Sami and EJ. They suck at it and its just a sad story. It's not so much about child safety, but about getting back at each other and that pretty sick.
Can we go a day without watching Sami blow EJ's brains out?
And did I hear right, but was there a semi-Marlena mention today? :wub:

Arianna is stuttering. I think that is all she did for the first half of the show!
I did enjoy Rafe telling Ari like it is about EJ, and loved when he told her to "get out". GG does pissed off really well.
So impressed with the Safe house with its various doors and views, etc. Great job, set team!

Did Ciara of the Corn SORAS herself because she looks so much older than usual. Then Hope commented on it. Hmm...

They talked about the organ donating today. I think I like where this might go. It's different and involves many people. Kind of excited about a prospect of a new storyline!!!!
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