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Grandpa Hughes
Oct 20 2010, 06:06 PM
Oct 20 2010, 05:42 PM
I've resorted to skipping to this Aaron/Jackson crap. It's so convoluted and boring. Totally brings the whole show down.

Man, I wish Zack and Lisa could get a story, along with a heap of other characters on this show. We need someone who 1) knows how to entertainingly write for couples without going the cliche cheating route in every story and 2) gives good story to more than just the same handful of characters 3) uses the past for future story and 4) doesn't create an abundance of useless newbies.
I agree with some of that! I have to admit, I'm still impressed with the acting of Danny Miller and Marc Silcock! But there are WAY too many redundant, sluggish stories such as Ryan in prison, Holly does heroin, Alicia turns on a dime every episode and slams the sister who GAVE her the son she has! It's been ages since so many of the characters have had more than cameos! And while I can see SOME newer or younger characters, do we really need Amy? I thought at first that she would be part of Declan's family to set things up for the Wylde's departure and another crew on the cursed Home Farm Estate!
The only reason I tolerate Amy is because it gives the vastly underrated and underused Isobel Hodgins something to do. She's easily the best child actress in soap right now.
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