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I swear, they are purposely making it so that it's either 6pm or not at all. They want us to watch their lil 5-6-7 marathon of OC/One Tree Hill/Days of Our Lives, even though DAYS has nothing to do with the other 2 shows.

I loved having DAYS at 11 and the 6-11 marathon on Sunday was also convenient during weeks I was too busy to watch. They are really screwing over the viewers.

And all this inconsistencies coming up... One OLTL episode being on at a different time so they can have some reality show? I mean, soaps thrive on CONSISTENCY, not just in its storytelling, but its TIMESLOT.

Soapnet needs to remember what happens when soaps are moved around too often. Remember the effect of all the OJ Simpson trial pre-emptions???
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