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Robert Norbury (Riley Costello) was pretty good this week. I don't know why they are waiting so long to blend him in with the rest of the cast though. I mean, eventually, he'll have to sleep with Mercedes, but after that he needs to make some friends. His brother though, Seth, just reminds me of Big Bird. And the actor really isn't good at all. He doesn't make me cringe or anything, but he can't emote worth anything.

Logan is such a sweetheart. I love him already. Marquess finally create a character I can stand right off the bat.

I hope the show will continue blossoming the Nancy/Theresa/Mitzeee friendships. They all worked very well together.

Anyway, I'm watching the classic Justin/Becca story and I know it's wrong, but I love Nicole Owen. Screw the haters! Darra, do yourself a favor and watch the "Back From the Dead" special on YouTube. I think I might go watch it again soon, actually.
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