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It's waaaaay better.

I'm done 3 episodes of Later. I'm totally loving the Theresa/Mitzeee/Nancy friendship. I hope it continues after Later.

Loving Theresa's fantasies of Logan. They're a hoot. I could see them as a cute couple.

I hope Mitzeee saves Nancy from being raped. Based on the previews it looks like that will happen.

The Jasmine storyline is going great. Totally loved "Jason" socking that fat cow Fern. My god is she a fucking bitch.

Mercedes :( I wish they could keep Mercedes/Mal together. They have loads of chemistry.

Did anyone else get a weird vibe from Liam in the hot tub with Seth? The way he was staring at Seth, I though he was going to molest him.

I'm liking Riley as well. He has some serious potential. I'll finish watching the last 2 episodes after work!
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