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Oct 15 2010, 01:01 PM
He's been an asshole from day one. Pulling these kinds of stuff is 100% in character for Jack, and that's why I'm not worried about it.
I have to disagree. Jack is an asshole, yes, and mercurial and unpredictable and driven by grand ideas, but going on spiritual self discovery quests is way too new agey froulala. If they wanted to have him busy, it'd make way more sense to have him busy with work, with a great story that taps into his journalistic ambitions, with a lead that could drive up revenue and bring a fancier lifestyle for his family. That is in character. Jack, when written as the character that brought him the most plaudits and least detraction, is not a weirdo or a joke; he's a smooth operator (who tells jokes).

I'm fine with them inserting a problem into the J&J relationship, but:
- Jennifer was just on in the summer saying how things were fine
- Continuity with previous characterization does not necessitate carbon copy rehashing of previous storylines (granted we don't know if this is happening yet ...)
- It can be done simply through the obstacles of long distance and work vs family issues

Also, if Jennifer can change due to growing up, so can Jack. They should both be continuous yet grown, I really don't want Jack to have Peter Pan syndrome, especially given his characterization at the height of his popularity. Personally I think Sheri Anderson had the right idea about their direction, they're a pretty modern couple who grew out of office relations. I think their core tensions are interesting too, but there's only so many times I can believe that a sensible, non-masochistic woman would keep going back to a guy who acts wildly out of sync with a lifestyle he actually used to be perfectly capable of upholding.

Sorry for necro-resurrecting the thread; I'm stuck on candy duty and just saw the topic and lost control to my impulses :embarrassed:
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