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Grandpa Hughes
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Nov 9 2010, 10:27 AM
Grandpa Hughes
Nov 9 2010, 07:31 AM
Nov 8 2010, 10:15 PM
Why would Molly ever sleep with Kevin? He's not attractive in the slightest. Poor Tyrone.

The love quad of Nick/Leanne/Peter/Carla was the most interesting to me. Nick is kind of attractive. What broke up Nick/Leanne in the first place?

For someone who has barely watched this show at all, the Jack stuff was good, especially Vera showing up and Tyrone's heartbreak. I really like him.

The gay guy annoyed me for two reasons, other than that he's nothing but a nelly queen. 1) He wore orange. This is always unacceptable. The color should be banned from existence. 2) He sucks at pouring a pint! How long has he been working at the Rovers?
I'm sitting here in my orange leisure suit and laughing about your Sean comments! He's not only a bartender but he works at the factory! I haven't finished the episode because things have been hectic! I agree with Drew though that it should be more focused on Jack than what I've seen so far! Leanne and Nick were married when they were very young! He talked her into having an abortion which screwed her up mentally and she started getting into drugs and other problems! When he moved to Canada, they decided he'd go alone! He came back for a short time and started seeing Maria the hair stylist! Leanne seduced him away from her to get revenge for Maria sexing Leanne's sister Toyah's boy friend earlier! Then when her work was done, she let Nick go back to Canada again! It's a little more involved but Leanne has been a schemer and a prostitute! She finally settled down but there is some chemistry left between the exes! And when Molly got involved with Kevin it was because she'd lost weight and began running! Kevin would run with her and the two became close! Molly started feeling trapped with Tyrone who was acting like a slob and pouting over Jack's friendship with Connie so soon after Vera's death! She and Kevin started an affair which ended when he learned his wife, Sally had cancer!
You forgot where he made out with Todd Grimshaw.
How could I have forgotten that? Well he wasn't exactly ....well! I didn't mention Leanne's engagement to Jamie Baldwin and affair with his father Danny either! :drunk:
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