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"Even iron bends"..Victoria Rowell

^^^ I don't think Eileen sounds bitchy at all in this interview. I am sure that these stars get tired of answering the same questions ad nauseum, year in and year out. Plus, it's easy to be misled by written interviews when you can't hear a person's voice, or the inflection or tone of his or her voice. What looks bitchy in print isn't always bitchy.

And I think she handled the questioning about Victoria Rowell very well, considering the fact that she HASN'T walked in Vicki's shoes. But then again, Eileen is a WHITE actress and is not going to necessarily be privy to all the racist talk, actions and politics behind the scenes of the show, but I do think she was right about actors and actresses having to share clothes, REGARDLESS of color or status.

And the whole "magazine cover" bullshit is just that......BULLSHIT!!! Soap mags seem to put the SAME people on their covers week after week, and it's all based on what they THINK the fans want to see. And getting the cover of a magazine is only a SMALL piece of the pie----blacks need more airtime, quality storylines and ALL of the perks that their Caucasian counterparts enjoy!! It starts with the SHOWRUNNERS!! If they aren't going to promote their black stars, why do they expect the magazines to do it????

And please don't call me racist because I am a BLACK MAN----and equally as frustrated about the lack of diversity on daytime as Vicki is, but the blame has to be placed at the right front door!! These network heads need to get their shit together, because as we all know, SHIT runs downhill!!!

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