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This has been such a great read, from summarizing the years before I started watching through the time I was a regular watcher and then onward. I do have to comment on how wrong the synopses often were. I know someone pointed out a lot of the errors with Steve & Kayla, but I couldn't believe a lot of the mistakes about Shane & Kim. One that cracked me up was how I they described Kim telling Shane she was pregnant in one week, keeping it a secret in the next week, and then telling him again in the following week (which is when it actually happened).

Oh, and there was some discussion of when they actually divorced. It was before Christmas 1990. The divorce papers were waiting for Shane when he returned home from Alamainia. He signed them the same day that Kayla confirmed to Maggie that she was selling her house. After doing that, Kayla encouraged Shane to sign the divorce papers so, like she just had, he could move on with his life.
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