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The whole thing showed just how much Hollyoaks is made up as it goes along. All this over this fire week and then so much ends up being redone. A poster at Digital Spy who seems to have some knowledge on the show mentioned some of what was changed:

*25 minutes of the fire rescue
*10 minutes of scenes involving Amy, Steph, Ste and Brendon
* 4 episodes worth of The Sharpe Family condensed into one episode.
*23 minutes of footage retooled into flashback scenes.
* A total of 78 minutes of scenes (close to 3 episodes) ditched involving a longer Sharpe storyline. More Mal and Mercedes scenes. More Kris scenes. Amy's exit (which has now being reshoot)
* Some 25 minutes of new scenes shot involving the McQueen family.
* 30 minutes of scenes involving Warren, Thersea, Mandy & Tony
* 15 minutes of new scenes with Dom, Tony & Bart
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