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Dec 7 2010, 10:57 AM
Dec 7 2010, 10:54 AM
I was glad to see Marlena leave, I was over her; *however* I'm ready to get her back. Her storyline potentials had dried up, but imho, since Sami's been thrust into the spotlight like she's been, she needs Marlena to balance her out. Sami needs someone to be her rock so she can go crazy and not have it breakdown horribly. Not to mention Sami just needs to be part of a storyline that doesn't center around herself and her men. Could be cliche, but maybe they could bring back Marlena as a pawn of Stefano's? But we don't know that, until she tries to kill Sami. Sami could be spilling out all the details of her recent past, with her back to Marlena who's "making them tea" or whatever, in the kitchen, and all you see is Marlena come at Sami with a kitchen knife. Yeah....I'd love that storyline! :) This could go on for a few weeks before-hand, with everytime Sami mentioning Rafe or EJ, Marlena could turn around and roll her eyes and think something like, "Won't this girl EVER shut-up!"
I'm pretty sure you just very accurately described a Marlena/Belle scene from 2004, lol.
really? :lol: well i guess i shouldn't be surprised, Marlena tried to kill just about everybody during that time period!

On another note, I'm totally waiting for this whacked-out Caroline story to turn into the Little Red Riding Hood, with Caroline as the wolf in grandma's clothing. I totally expect one of her grandkids to go waltzing into the pub where they remark, "Grandma, what big TEETH you have", and she'll say, "The better to EAT you with my dear!!" :lol:
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