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Viewing Single Post From: SOD - Best and Worst of 1994
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If you want any information on why they chose what they did, I will write it up.

Most Entertaining Couple - Buzz/Nadine, GL
"" Boring "" - John/Sharlene, AW

Best Tearjerker - BJ's Death, GH

Best Plot Device - Eric's Vasectomy, B&B

Most Preposterous Plot - Janet's plastic surgery, AMC

Most Convoluted Plot - Search for Scott, ATWT

Best Wacko - Laura, DAYS

Best Reformation - Todd, OLTL

Best Triangle - Bo/Billie/Gina, DAYS
Worst '' - Cal/Connor/Kirk, ATWT

Best Breakup - Jill/John, Y&R
Worst '' - Kat/David, GL

Best Trend - May/December Romances
Worst '' - Convenient Disabilities

Best Blind Person - Hope, Y&R
Worst '' - Tony, DAYS

Most Realistic Illness - Monica's breast cancer, GH

Best Special Effect - Tornado, AMC

Best Reconciliation - Jake/Paulina, AW

Best Prime-Time Breakup - Kelly/Dylan, 90210

Most Shocking Twist, Daytime - Powell's the rapist, OLTL
'', Primetime - Kimberly's alive, Melrose

Most Long-Awaited Love Scene - Carrie/Austin, DAYS
Most Romantic Love Scene - Bo/Nora, OLTL

Best New Character - Noah, AMC

Best Recast - Tina (Krista Tesreau), OLTL

Worst New Male Character - Justus, GH
'' Female Character - Gabriella, GL

Best Golden Oldies - Nancy and Mac, ATWT

Most Realistic Teen - Pete, ATWT

Best Male Comeback - Wesley Addy, Loving
Best Female '' - Hunter Tylo, B&B

Most Dramatic Story - Jack and Keemo, Y&R
Least '' - Lily/Miguel, GH

Best Quadrangle - "Eddie"/Lois/Ned/Katherine, GH
Worst '' - Alex/Ava/Jeremy/Gilbert, Loving

Best Bickering - Dinner at Wildwind, AMC

Most Contrived Conflict - Max's gambling, OLTL

Smartest Character - Kevin, GH
Dumbest '' - Buck, Loving

Best Wedding - Asa/Alex, OLTL
Most Disappointing '' - Edmund/Maria, AMC

Best Wife - Eleni, GL
Worst Husband - Michael, Melrose

Best Father - Ed, GL
Worst Mother - Nikki, Y&R

Best Housekeeper - Mamie, Y&R
Worst '' - Donna and Ginger, GL

Best Confession - Samantha comes clean, ATWT

Worst Crush - Marty loves Andrew, OLTL

Most Realistic Couple - Casey/Ally, Loving
Least '' - Ashley/Blade, Y&R

Best Daughter - Erica, AMC
Worst '' - Sami, DAYS

Best Scam - Vicky's baby switch, AW
Best Scam Gone Wrong - David's lies, OLTL

Most Rejuvenated Characters - Spauldings, GL

Biggest Waste of Talent - Michael Sabatino, B&B

Most Entertaining Character - Lucy, GH

Most Ruined Character - Danny, Y&R

Best Movie Ripoff - Felicia's Misery, AW

Best Gimmick - Salute to Hollywood fashion show, B&B

Best Mystery - Who Shot Roger? GL

Most Improved Show - Loving

Best Show - GH
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