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ATWT knows how to create a gripping triangle. The tortured tale of Holden, Lily and Damian had fans split down the middle - no one could agree on which man was right for Lily. On the other hand, the Cal/Connor/Kirk triangle didn't inspire much debate - Kirk was clearly the odd man out.

Sure, Kirk stood by Connor when she really needed a friend. For almost a year, he held her hand as she suffered a miscarriage, was charged with Linc's murder and fought tooth and nail to retain control of Walsh & Montgomery. A perfect gentleman, Kirk wooed her with flowers and nights on the town. Yet their relationship remained platonic because Connor was pining for Cal. Why create a triangle with no tension?

Cal and Connor's relationship was in limbo for months and months because of a series of missed phone calls and silly misunderstandings. If Cal and Connor had spent five minutes actually being honest with each other, they could have avoided their lengthy separation.

Through it all, we never believed that Kirk was a threat to their inevitable reunion. And that's not because we didn't like Kirk. This guy was one of Oakdale's most eligible bachelors, and his relationship with Connor demonstrated just how endearing Kirk could be. Kirk shouldn't have been reduced to chasing after a woman who was obviously in love with someone else. The talents of actor Tom Wiggin were wasted as well. If Cal and Connor were destined to be married, why didn't the show find Kirk a love of his own?


For a year, David and Kat struggled with her father's bias against juvenile delinquent David. Once that obstacle was overcome, David became Kat's first lover. Soon after, they went on the run to protect David from a murder charge. They bared their souls to one another. And yet, when Kat returned from a short sojourn in Europe to dump David, neither shed a tear for their lost love. Kat, in fact, cried only when saying goodbye to Bridget, and David barely mourned before groping Gabriella. We appreciate GL getting Nia Long (Kat) to return to complete this story, but we don't understand why Kat and David didn't break up before Long left the show. A slower-building, more heartfelt breakup would have packed a lot more punch than this wham-bam-goodbye-ma'am version.


Let's state up-front that we applaud GH's addition of an African-American family and that Mary Mae and Keesha are being fleshed out as realistic new characters. It's this Justus-as-saint thing that we don't get. After his father, Bradley, was found dead, Justus jumped from wooden lawyer to crusading politician overnight. Suddenly, he was giving speeches against the ELQ incinerator project. He was beaten up, and Simone - who is still married to Tom Hardy - was sobbing at his bedside. "You're such a Ward," said Keesha.

When someone says, "You are such a Quartermaine," we know exactly what it means. But we've only known the Wards a few months. We need help understanding why the whole town is relying around a man who still seems like a stranger to us.


When Michael Damian announced that he was quitting Y&R to star in the Broadway musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the writers devised an innovative exit for Danny: Send him to Broadway, too.

But soon, sweet Danny was doing one uncharacteristic thing after another. First, he sent Christine that cowardly "Dear Jane" letter. Then he returned to Genoa City with his horrible new wife, Phyllis, close on his heels. (Would Danny ever really sleep with her?)

Paradoxically, Christine is more interesting than she was when she was Danny's devoted wife. What a shame, though, that her rise mirrors Danny's fall. The Y&R writers are going to have to work overtime to bring back the real Danny, the one we used to love.
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