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Dec 3 2009, 06:02 PM


There wasn't a lot to laugh about this year in Salem...unless Bonnie was on the screen. Tacky, free-spirited, transparently ambitious, Bonnie is a far cry from soap vet Judi Evans's former stints as tortured heroines, but the actress ably pulls off the role of a trashy, flashy, man-hungry mama with superb comic timing and fearless, physical humor. Whether she's leading a line dance or is decked out in one of her tarty outfits, Bonnie provides much-needed comic relief. Is it over-the-top at times? Sure, but it's supposed to be. Story-wise, it was a smart move to bring in Mimi's mom to beef up the Lockhart clan, as well as breathe new life into Mickey and Julie's back-burner tales. Who saw Mickey's revived sex life coming? Who doesn't love a Julie/Bonnie catfight? And with Maggie in the mix, it's three's company indeed at the Horton house.
:roflol: Julie-Bonnie catfights were hilariously amazing. I floved them. Best darn thing about that time after we found out they were all alive (which seemed painfully obvious to me after they killed Alice, dunno why SOD didn't see that coming).
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