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Dec 3 2009, 06:26 PM


For five years, we saw T.C. sneak off to his mysterious shed - somewhere off-limits to the viewers and fellow Harmony residents. This led us to believe (or at least hope) that something scandalous was inside. Murder evidence? A creepy Norman Bates shrine to his dead dad? Even a tennis court would have stirred up some interest in this dull dude's story. Instead, the contents were revealed to be the old car that T.C. thought Julian was driving when it hit him thousands of moons ago. Boooooring! The reveal sparked zero interest, especially because we were already privy to T.C.'s obsession with the crash. Eve eyeing the hunk of junk did provoke a flashback, exposing that she was behind the wheel. However, Liz, Julian and Alistair already knew that pertinent info, so it was bound to slip out eventually - with or without the car around. In a word, this reveal was a clunker.

(Worst. Soap. Secret. EVER.)
this was awful; first, they let it go on too long. Sure there was a point where revealing the car prob would have been a good reveal. But that was like in the first year-two years. NOT 5 years later!!
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