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Dec 5 2009, 09:32 PM


Luckless lovers Luis and Sheridan have taken this category in 2000, '02 and '03. Every time it looks like the doomed duo will catch a break, something goes horribly awry. Former amnesiac Sheridan finally confessed to husband Antonio that his bro, Luis, is her true love and was close to discovering that kidnapped Little Martin is her and Luis's presumed-dead child. But then her dad, Alistair, arranged for her to undergo electroshock therapy, so she forgot Luis. Again. Antonio was presumed dead in a jet crash, and Luis and Sheridan reunited, but after five years, the fans have yet to be rewarded with a valid Luis/Sheridan wedding. That hasty Mexican commitment ceremony didn't cut it. We'll have to wait until Antonio is officially declared dead - uh huh, like that will happen. Who'd have thought that the Boston Red Sox would conquer their curse before Luis and Sheridan overcame theirs?
Everytime you thought they couldn't possibly be more tortured than they were last year, JER came up with a way!
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