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Dec 9 2010, 03:09 AM
Dec 9 2010, 01:34 AM
Dec 9 2010, 12:34 AM
-Fans of one ABC duo are in for an unhappy New Year; sources say that the show's plan is to move full steam ahead with a controversial triangle.
I get the feeling this one *could* be Madison/Frankie/Randi on AMC. Frankie/Randi are pretty popular, very underused right now but with Madison being pregnant...there's still that suspicion that the baby could be Frankie's and not Ryan's, and AMC is going to shift into that in the new year. SG (Madison) has been tweeting lately that people will be surprised by Madison in the future or something like that. I could be totally off base about this, but it's my guess. I for one love Frankie/Madison and would love if AMC went ahead with the triangle. I also know a lot of Frandi fans who will be pissed about it to!!

Other triangle could be Liz/Jason/Sam, I heard that Steve (Jason) and Becky (Liz) have started taping again together recently (YAY!!) so who knows...

eta: forgot to say TFP, Phoenix.
What would be controversial about Liz/Jason/Sam right now?

With Frankie and Madison, would they be controversial for any reason but the interracial aspect? Is that still controversial in this day and age?
Liason/JaSam would be controversial to me just because both pairings are still debated on so much and either one would cause an uproar with fans if the other starts to get explored again.

Frankie/Madison, not the interracial factor but just the fact that they have been acting like friends this whole time and that's how AMC has been perceiving them, and hinting at the same time that they could be more. I see the show amping things up and revealing they had sex the night of Caleb's party. That will rattle the Frandi fans who have been upset that their couple hasn't been getting screen time or had a baby yet. Now they will be getting more, but with another woman in place, and a baby to. I think that could generate a lot of drama.

I get the speculation about Sonny/Brenda/Dante, but wow what about Lulu? I don't like them as much now, but I know there are a LOT of people who love Lulu/Dante as a couple.
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