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I never saw Knots Landing in real time. I wasn't alive but I did watch it when SoapNet did the reruns. I miss old SoapNet. I was addicted to Knots Landing when I was in the sixth grade. :lol: They would have marathons every night and I would be up until 1am in the morning watching KL.

The first two seasons were great but things really picked up when Abby/Gary had that affair. Literally my freaking heart broke for Val. I hated Gary and Abby for that. HATED! I can only imagine what it must have been like for anyone that was a Gary/Val shipper in those days. It took forever for Gary/Abby to end. :lol: It was one thing after another keeping Val and Gary apart. I wanted to break my TV at one point and heck I was getting five episodes a day. It's frustrating but sooooooo good. KL is definitely the best night time soap drama ever.

I loved Paige and Val they were my faves. Gary/Val and Paige/Greg were my two couples.

Val finds out Gary married Abby after he skips their lunch.

Val talking to her mama about Gary.

I HATED Diana she was so damn annoying.

This scene was SO GOOD!

Gary's "death" and Val's reaction. WOW!

This scene blew me away when I saw it.

I'm so glad I got to see it when it aired on SoapNet. That was definitely a treat. It sucks that KL doesn't get the props that it deserves the show was amazing.
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