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If you want more details, let me know.
Story of the year
Most heartbreaking story
Surprising story twist
Outstanding newcomer
Most welcomed return
Outstanding actor
Outstanding actress
Supporting actor
Supporting actress
Underused actor
Underused actress
Best couple


Maddie saga
Plane crash
Trevor, Amanda and Janet
Carrie Genzel (Skye Chandler)
Michael Lowry (Jake)
John Callahan (Edmund)
Susan Lucci (Erica)
Mark Consuelos (Mateo)
Julia Barr (Brooke)
Michael E Knight (Tad)
Jill Larson (Opal)
Adam and Liza


Toni's rape
Kirkland's accident
Bobby Reno is Shane Roberts
Rhonda Ross (Toni)
Lisa Peluso (Lila)
Tom Eplin (Jake)
Jensen Buchanan (Vicky)
Mark Pinter (Grant)
Kim Rhodes (Cindy)
Anna Stuart (Donna) and Stephen Schnetzer (Cass)
Jake and Vicky


Barbara's pregnancy
Damian's 'career' change
Lesli Kay Sterling (Molly)
Jon Hensley (Holden)
Daniel Markel (David)
Martha Byrne (Lily)
Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal)
Ellen Dolan (Margo)
There are a lot of underused actors and actresses
Carly and Jack


Sheila vs. Maggie and James
Stephanie's discovery about Lauren's affair with Eric
Thorne divorces Macy
Adrienne Frantz (Amber)
Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke)
John McCook (Eric)
Kimberlin Brown (Sheila)
Ian Buchanan (James)
Barbara Crampton (Maggie)
Charles Grant (Grant)
Bobbie Eakes (Macy)
Eric and Lauren


Kristen and Susan
Billie battling drugs
Susan's wedding
Jensen Ackles (Eric)
Jason Brooks (Peter)
Drake Hogestyn (John)
Eileen Davidson (Kristen/Susan/et al)
Roark Critchlow (Mike)
Louise Sorel (Vivian)
Lauren Koslow and Bryan Datillo (Kate and Lucas)
John and Marlena


Murder of Dr. Pierce Dorman
Brenda left at the altar
Monica held Dorman hostage
Lisa Cerasoli (V)
Genie Francis (Laura)
Maurice Benard (Sonny)
Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)
Steve Burton (Jason)
Sarah Brown (Carly)
The Quartermaines
Sonny and Brenda


Reva's trial
Buzz's amnesia
Nola going psycho
Taye Diggs (Sugar Hill)
Beth Ehlers (Harley)
Justin Deas (Buzz)
Cynthia Watros (Annie)
Jerry ver Dorn (Ross)
Elizabeth Keifer (Blake)
Jay Hammer and Maureen Garrett (Fletcher and Holly)
Harley and Phillip


Custody battle over Starr
Marty and Patrick's love story
Starr's unlikely donor
Stehen Markle (Mel) and Florencia Lozano (Tea)
Don Jeffcoat (Joey)
Robert S. Woods (Bo)
Robin Strasser (Dorian)
James DePaiva (Max)
Gina Tognoni (Kelly)
Philip Carey (Asa)
Hillary B. Smith (Nora)
Andy and Antonio


Terror stalks General Hospital
Lucy loses her baby
Scotty has grown up
Jennifer Harmon (Karen)
Kin Shriner (Scott)
Wayne Northrop (Rex) and Lynn Herring (Lucy)
Edward Albert (Bennett)
Lisa Ann Hadley (Julie)
Jon Lindstrom (Kevin)
Patricia Crowley (Mary)
Karen and Joe


Meg and Ben's love story (also named Best Couple)
Caitlin's miscarriage
Elaine killed Del
Sarah Buxton (Annie)
Peter Barton (Eddie)
Sam Behrens (Gregory)
Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia)
Timothy Adams (Casey)
Kathleen Noone (Bette)
Randy Spelling (Sean)
Sherri Saum (Vanessa)


Danny and Phyllis' breakup
Nina's low self-esteem
Victor's marriage to Diane
Sandra Nelson (Phyllis)
Heather Tom (Victoria)
Eric Braeden (Victor)
Lauralee Bell (Christine)
Scott Reeves (Ryan)
Tricia Cast (Nina)
Peter Bergman (Jack)
Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)
Nick and Sharon
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