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Dec 15 2010, 04:01 PM
Dec 15 2010, 03:58 PM
Damn I so called this.... My God I could be writing this show. I think he is younger because I think Rafe is the oldest.
We were always led to believe that Rafe was the oldest in the family. It is weird that no brother would have been mentioned at the memorial service. Arianna left nothing to him, but to everyone else, even EJ who was barely a friend. Maybe the guy has been in prison, the service????
The reasoning for that may soon seem to pose a plot point. But when Ari called herself the black sheep or insinuated such I felt that there were more siblings. And people saying with no ties is bullshit, when the Brady's showed up they had no ties only a connection to one person. And come further into the future with Nicole & the Walkers, I don't doubt we will see one of the Hernandez family connected to another person, I would buy that Victor may be discovered to be Rafe's father. Tony came to Salem without connections, and then his father, and so forth. Shows grow and being against that growth, IMO, is being against a future for Days for more than they next 2 yrs. Now, I hate the loss of the Hortons and specially hate then trying to pimp Nathan to be another Tom, if they want strong Hortons bring on Mike & Nick at least I liked them.

And I'm so proud of me, I wrote this on Monday...

And when it comes to the Hernandez family I could believe a brother. I think Rafe is the oldest but I doubt that Gabi & Ari were/are his only siblings.
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