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^ My face watching DAYS

Dec 21 2010, 11:16 PM
"There will be new and unexpected romances with characters that we know and love," says Executive Producer Ken Corday.

Hope/Bo/Carly/Ben/Jennifer: There is an exciting end to this story: People get their comeuppance and Jennifer is left in a life-and-death situation where Lee surgically removes her heart - and only someone already on the canvas can help her find it again."

WHAT IN THE FUCK??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

This is approaching "Virtual Eden" levels of WTFery...did a fucking 3 year old come up with this idea?


I have no words, Melissa Reeves should have NEVER returned...I mean WHAT THE FUCK DAYS!

:puke: :puke: :puke:

These spoilers suck SO BAD it is not even fucking funny anymore...if this is 2011....then I may be skipping most of it.

Outside of a Bo/Hope and Vivian/Kate/Brady ect, NO THANKS!

At this point I dont even care if this show survives anymore...I can only hope for the ratings to tank DRASTICALLY to get any sort of positive change on this show.
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