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Rafe in a serious car accident couldn't care less. Rumor is he falls for his care taker wonder if that could be Carly she has no pairing. EJ with someone new could be nice but I don't like the actress. I would love more scenes with EJ and his kids.

7 people involved in this clusterf*ck and I only care about Phillip. The rest of them do nothing for me and so I just don't care.

Nice for Bope fans I guess but I'm not one. Carly working with Jennifer could be interesting there is a history with them. The stuff about Jennifer sounds stupid as hell can't say I'm shocked Corday owns this show after all.

Titan belongs to Phillip not Brady's punk self.

I can't stand Will and Abby is a mystery to what they will have her like this time around. Chad and Gabi have barely any character so I hope that changes.
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