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Dec 21 2010, 11:16 PM
"There will be new and unexpected romances with characters that we know and love," says Executive Producer Ken Corday.

Rafe/Sami/EJ/Nicole/Taylor/Stefano: "Part of this story is the power of children to make parents rational again. In a way, EJ's humanity comes through Johnny, and he realizes he can't stand in the way of a child's relationship with his mother. EJ is also humanized by the arrival of Nicole's younger sister, Taylor. I had to use the cliché, but it's some enchanted evening. It's the moment that happens a few times or one time in your life where you meet someone and it's, 'Oh, my God.' And that's what we're banking on here with these two. At the same time, Rafe has a serious car accident, which has huge ramifications. Stefano is more monstrous than he's ever been in the impersonal way of handling the people he loves. He's more of the megalomaniac than he has been in a long time, which I like."

Daniel/Chloe/Philip/Nathan/Stephanie/Kate: "It has all hit the fan and is all the huge fallout of that, which viewers have waited a long time to see. And it takes a long time to play out. Melanie learns she's pregnant. Nathan finds out about Stephanie's deception and calls off their wedding. Chloe takes extreme measures to win back Daniel's love, but it backfires. What about little Parker? What happens to him?"

Hope/Bo/Carly/Ben/Jennifer: "Bo and Hope are reunited on the run. At the same time, Jennifer realizes that Ben isn't what he seems, so she and Carly do some sleuthing and are stunned when they realize what's really going on in the prison. There is an exciting end to this story: People get their comeuppance and Jennifer is left in a life-and-death situation where Lee surgically removes her heart - and only someone already on the canvas can help her find it again."

Maggie/Victor/Vivian/Brady: "Brady is going to go back to being the bad Brady. We like him as the bad Brady. He's going to take Titan for himself. He and Kate will also strand Vivian and Gus on a deserted Island, but like a true penny, Vivian always turns up. It's pure comic relief."

Will/Gabi/Chad/Abby: "We'll see the budding romance with Will and Gabi here and eventually, we'll add Abby and Chad to the mix. You have to water the roots with the new generation and they are here to stay."
Thanks for posting.

Glad is appears tha EJ will be out of Sami orbit for a while.

I don't know what is more retarded, Philip with his non existant sperm count knocking up two woman in a year or or Melanie being pregnant period. Looks like another year full of Melodrama. Philip will undoubtably go into full Shelle mode to hold on to her. If she loses the baby can you just hear the wailing. Ought to peel paint. Nathan calling off the wedding now there a twist no one saw coming.

BO and Hope reunited....Now that is really something to look forward too.

I really to do have words for a heartless Jennifer and the way that sounds someone helping her find it. It like we are looking for car keys.

Brady taking over Titan, may be fun.....

Well they have finally set the younger set with one from each major family. Brady-Horton/Hernandez/Dimera/Horton....I hope they remember Abby and Will are related.
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