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Dec 24 2010, 10:20 AM
I always find it intersting that rumours which end up having no grounding at all…only come out once SOD has previewed the outline…..the one about Rafe falling for his carer and or Sami dying is wishful thinking from ejami fans if you ask me who a just gutted that EJ is moving on.

I cannot see Rafe falling for another woman or Sami falling for another man as long as EJ holds that gun and taped confession. Rafe and Sami will be married to each other and won't even think about 'splitting up' until that tape and gun are in their possession, otherwise they are sitting ducks for having to testify against each other…a rumour about them getting hold of the gun and tape would make way more sense than rumors of a ‘break-up’.

Those wedding vows were too big [I mean with all the bible passages and family bonding ceremonies] for the Safe wedding to be a flash in the pan, why bother with all that? There were some serious 'Kool Aid' rumours around that Sami was supposed to end up with EJ on her wedding night to Rafe and a big secret reunion was supposed to have happened around thanksgiving and oh look he’s proposing to Nicole on New Years eve. :sarcasm:

I think the reason why Rafe is mentioned as having the accident is because it is Rafe that has the accident...it's his story....JMO I don't know if Sami was mentioned in the original article but I think she definitely would be mentioned if she were going to be in the crash.
Great post and ITA with you.

There was a reason that they had the wedding that they had. If Sami and Rafe had just gone to a justice of the peace and gotten married, that would be one thing, but they had a Catholic ceremony with family and loaded with tradition. From what I have already heard about the Christmas Eve episode, we see more of tradition for Christmas and intimate, emotional things between Rafe and Sami-- and no, not sex. This couple isn't going anywhere. They will have problems and issues and frankly, if they are going to have angst, I am glad it doesn't involve EJ lurking around, but something internal with the two of them like a normal couple.

I am hoping that maybe we are going to get some history on Rafe, but i do agree, this is his story with Sami, not their story with Ej. That is old and done, IMO.

There are loads of specs and rumors floating around out there and all of them have to do with Rafe and Sami splitting, Sami jealous and wanting EJ, Rafe falling for someone else. I agree, it's wishful thinking.
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