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Dec 27 2010, 11:19 AM
Considering that KC said that Rafe would get involved with someone else already on the canvas, I don't doubt it. It may be Carly - after all they've "crossed paths" before, and she's on the canvas. She was his caretaker. She works in the hospital and will probably be his doctor again. I'm speculating, but I can see it. My Carly and Rafe banner is ready to be launched.
Ken Corday never directly said that Rafe would be involved with someone else. THis is what he said at the Michael Fairman interview at the Days 45th anniversary November 9th:

So while I had Corday there, it was time to try and get some insight into what is going to happen for the SAFE and EJami fans. Ken offered up, “First of all, the fans are split down the middle and I love it. We stretch the rubber band until it snaps. And, Sami snapped a couple weeks ago and she should have capped him. (Laughs) One bullet… a 22 caliber… and when you get a good thing in story, you run with it.” OK Ken, so Sami snapped, but can we have Rafe snap too? I mean how much does guy have to deal with to be with the woman he loves? Ken revealed, “Rafe is not going to snap. He is solid and he is the G-man. There are other women besides Sami, too. Let’s not forget that! And I am talking about someone currently on the canvas.” With that, I looked at Gering for his reaction and he was genuinely surprised! “That is revealing news there. Not sure if he really mean me or not, but either way it bodes well.” James Scott (EJ) was not doing any press interviews that evening. So we were unable to get his thoughts on the current story, and to give you his insight at this time. We hope to catch up with him very soon.
KC made it very vague, IMO, as to whom he was talking about, Rafe or EJ, and he did that on purpose to keep both fanbases dangling. As for what's playing out on the screen, I am assuming he meant EJ since he and Nicole are getting together. The fact that GG was genuinely surprised and said I am not sure if he really means me or not, pretty much left it up in the air. Seeing as how this comment was made almost 2 months ago and EJ is the one who seems to be moving on, not Rafe, I don't think KC meant Rafe at this time. I am not saying it won't ever be that Rafe is with someone else, but I believe this comment had more to do with EJ.
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