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A couple of things...

All the soaps seemed to cash in big on Monday. I do wonder if that had to do with weather. If you lived near any of the Great Lakes, you pretty much got buried in snow for back to back Monday-Wednesday periods the wk of 12/6 and the wk of 12/13. If that is the case, I would think the soaps will do well when the ratings come out for this week (the wk of 12/27) considering the east coast just got a blizzard.

I'm actually happy Days only got a small boost on the heels of it's boost last week. That is how they built their audience in 2009. Better to be slow and steady than jump alot and then crash. It shows consistency. Good for the other soaps jumping although the week before Christmas traditionally is a bad week in recent years from what I recall so it may not bode well for next week. I can see Days and GH doing well next week because they seem to always do well this time of year (and both did alot story-wise last week) but I'm worried about the others.

Also, check out the season to date numbers. The soaps have slowly improved those since the new season started in September. Days and GH both started out with 1.8's in HH and around a 1.0/1.1 in 18-49 back in September. Now, both shows have a 2.0 in HH and have increased their 18-49. Very good signs.
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