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I'm excited Days continues to rise and rise slowly. Those big increases in one week usually end up in a crash and burn situation. Days also has the renewal on it's side and that's exciting as well.......however, I hope TPTB don't get too comfy with it and do in 2011 what they did during the spring of 2010. The beginning of '10 was slow...too slow. I understand build up and appreciate it...it's needed for pay off. But, there were many weeks of filler episodes and I just don't think soaps can do that anymore. I think Days is aware of this and 2011 is gonna rock. I hope so, at least. Lol
And I would raise to my feet and clap my hands, literally, if I saw Days take the number 2 spot from B&B! Imagine what I'd do if it overtook Y&R. Lol. That'll never happen so thank God I don't have to imagine much. :)
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