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Viewing Single Post From: Paul Marquess Replaced/Leaving Hollyoaks
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I do wonder what to think here -- Marquess hasn't been a soap producer in ten years and went on to shows like The Bill, so perhaps he really was only going back for a brief time. But he never gave any hint in previous interviews of only staying for a year. Only a few days ago his interview came out talking about plans for 2012!

The show has been a mess for months - at the time I wondered if all the reshooting of the fire episodes, having to write the Sharpes out in a hurry and months of story being dumped, was going to take a toll. Could he be leaving because of this?

I still think there's some hope for Hollyoaks. They have a good family in the McQueens, and although I don't really care for him, Brendan seems to be a fan favorite. The story with Jason also seems to be getting interest.

This is what I would do immediately:

Write out all the O'Connors but Sinead

Write out all the Costellos but Jason and Mitzeee

Get rid of Teencop.

Come up with better comedy stories for Lee or get rid of him.

Kill Cheryl now. Silas can dispose of her.

Break up Ste and Brendan for good and move them into separate stories.

Figure out what to do with Carmel and Theresa.

Send Gilly, Frankie, Tom, and Duncan away to a new life. Have Gilly and Frankie get together. I don't care. I think Jack is still an important part of Hollyoaks and I would like to see him alone again with Darren.

Kill Mandy if they can't come up with a good story for her.

Have Ricky vanish - who cares?

Make Jacqui, Amy and Nancy lead heroines.

Give Texas a big love/hate romance, one that builds over time.

Have Myra inherit millions and millions and use that to further storylines.

Age Bart to at least 20. He is ridiculous as a 15/6 year old and that makes the whole Jason story seem less believable.
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