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Jan 6 2011, 06:33 PM
Me To! It really is a shame they ended it when they did cause there were some great stories coming up. The resolution to the clown puppet murders, Nancy's imprisonment at the Rexford Clinic and the Jeffery/Sky story on Edge. The resolution to the women to watch murders (which was kind of a bust, but still) and the flood on Search. Texas' last 6 months, which thanks to Pam Long were simply amazing. And the Alma Rudder story, followed by the introductions of Cass, Felicia and Donna on Another World.

All great stuff but sadly we will probably never see it again.
I managed to save most everything (except for very early on and right at the end) from those P&G/AOL eps on my computer and burned the flash files onto DVDs :rockon:
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