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Jan 6 2011, 02:31 PM
Jan 5 2011, 05:27 PM
Beth didn't die, she was disguised as Sheridan for the last 2 years. Sheridan on the other hand, was probably dead. :drunk:
How did I not know this? So bitchy Sheridan was Beth all that time?
in my mind at least; and someone "claiming" to be a writer for Passions came on the NBC board after the show ended and said this, but said they ran outta time and the woman who played Beth wouldn't come back for a short gig or some junk like that. Although could easily (and more probably) have been a fan who wrote the whole thing, convincing everyone it was a writer.


wow that's a long link....

(Here's the text, below):

I was a “Passions” writer who has been checking this board for quite along time and during the last 2 years I have noticed that alot of "Shuis" fans have been upset with Mr. James Reilly(God rest his soul)
due to what he was writing for Luis/Sheridan. I was never able to release this information while “Passions” was still on the air, but with “Passions” over now I felt there was no need to withhold this information, so all you "Shuis" fans I want you to know the "real story" behind what happened to Luis/Sheridan!

In January 2006, we were told by NBC that they would agree to renew “Passions” for another year, but we would have to slash the budget about 5 million dollars as was officially reported back in late May 2006. We had fired alot of backstage crew along with several cast members we were forced to write out because of the budget slash. Those character were: Rachael, Martin, Katherine, Alistair(dropped to recurring), Maya, Liz, Chris(dropped to recurring), Roberto, and TC(dropped to recurring) Those characters were never meant to be written off as there was story planned for all of them

“Passions” was usually written about 3 months ahead and when we were told to slash the budget in early January 2006 we had already written close to the end of March 2006, so then we were forced to write out characters. We chose those characters because none were part of any supercouples that we had centered the show around(Luis/Sheridan, Ethan/Theresa, Eve/Julian, Sam/Ivy, Chad/Whitney and Kay/Miguel), so we felt if we were going to have to write out people, we would start with people who weren't an asset to the show. That’s when we came up with the Rome storyline. We thought it would be the perfect place to push alot of the cast together, and that’s where we came up with the whole Luis/Fancy and Noah/Paloma stories.

Before we were told to slash the budget, our original story plans were alot different. We had a Luis/Sheridan/Chris triangle that would have lasted quite a while and a Fancy/Noah/Maya triangle that we were going to make the next Ivy/Sam/Grace. We definitely loved the Noah/Fancy pairing and we had plans for it long term, but when we were told to slash budget were forced to put those plans on hold, and due to that we didn't want to write either of them off so we decided to slash Maya and Chris and put Luis with Fancy and throw Noah with Paloma until we could afford to get everything back on track again, and in order to write Chris off without revealing his secrets or reuniting Luis/Sheridan we came up with the idea of Sheridan going "crazy" to push Luis and Chris away from her thus writing Chris out, but it was never our plan to leave Sheridan the way we did. Our plans were to bring Beth back in the mix a few months after we were able to afford to bring Alistair back in August 2007. We even hinted at Beth being alive and possibly being out there when we brought Alistair back and revealed Marty was alive. Our intentions were to bring Beth back in December 2007, that’s why viewers saw such a weird turn with the Luis/Sheridan and Noah/Fancy stories around late November with Fancy breaking up with Luis and starting to share scenes with Noah, because we were planning to reveal the Sheridan viewers were seeing on their screen that whole year was Beth in disguise all along in December, but while we were writing those scenes for November in August we had called Kelli McCarty to reprise her role as Beth for a short time, only to have Sheridan be revealed to have been Beth all along and go to prison. The real Sheridan was supposed to have been locked up by Chris under Alistair’s orders(remember back in Rome when Alistair called Chris before his train blew up, he told him to do something that Chris didn‘t want to do but Alistair threatened him to do it, that’s what that “something” was supposed to be), but Sheridan would not have known that it was Chris that was holding her, just that Alistair was behind it. And when Luis found her Chris would have came back to reclaim Sheridan and would have done whatever he could to make sure that Sheridan stayed married to him while Luis would be trying to prove to Sheridan that Chris was working for Alistair and that James wasn't his son which would have brought us the Luis/Sheridan/Chris storyline again the way we had originally planned before the massive budget cuts in 2006. And we would have had a Fancy/Noah/Paloma triangle with Noah being drawn to Fancy while he was with Paloma because of Fancy's weird behavior due to the chip. That story wasn't our original 2006 story but would have been fine just the same

That’s why when we wrote off Chris we didn't have him exposed because we had plans to bring him back. We had Adrian Wilson on recurring when the show moved to Direct TV along with Rodney Van Johnson(TC) and Danica Stewart(Jessica) as was reported in SOD. But the plans to bring Chris back got stalled and eventually scrapped, and that was because Kelli McCarty only agreed to return to the show if she was given a long term deal and because that wasn't our original plan we were forced to keep the stories the way they were until we were able come up with a long term plan for Beth, and that is why we had entered Pretty in the Sheridan/Luis storyline and later scrapped the Fancy/Noah/Paloma chip storyline and put Roberto in the mix so we could stall until were able to fit Beth back in the show long term.

When we finally were able to fit her back in the show long term, we called her back in November 2007and had offered her the contract, but before anything could really get underway we were told by Direct Tv that they weren't picking up “Passions” for another year and that the show would go off in August. We were than forced to call Kelli back and tell her we couldn't give her the contract. And when we were told the show would go off Direct Tv in August we had already written up to mid March of 2008, a little more then 4 months ahead which was more than usual, but when the show moved to Direct TV the show was cut to 4 days a week which was less shows to write a week, so we had written more ahead then the usual 3 months. But when it was announced that the show would go off Direct TV in August they had also told us the show would be cut to 3 days a week instead of 4 at the beginning of 2008, so that would have meant that instead of mid March 2008 if it was 4 shows a week, that we had written the show up to Early April. So during November and December 2007 our executive Producer Lisa De Cozette was searching for another home for “Passions” while were were trying to write as much as possible to pitch to other networks(i.e. Alistair's Death, Sheridan's Niagara Falls Tumble, Pretty Fake Scar reveal etc..) and by the time Lisa De Cozette had came back from trying to pitch the show to as many networks as possible with no luck(Which was right after New Years), we had already written the show to the beginning of July. We only had a month left of scripts that we had to write, and without Kelli McCarty back as Beth to repair Luis/Sheridan with the whole Sheridan being Beth all along story, we couldn't bring Chris back as there would have been no point without the Beth being Sheridan reveal, which meant we couldn't fix Luis/Sheridan. But we didn't want to end the show with any loose ends so it would not have been fair for Sheridan to end up alone, so we called up Christopher Douglas to reprise his role of Antonio for the last few weeks so Sheridan can at least end up with what we classified her "second love“. And to end it with no loose ends we had to get Antonio to make Sheridan believe that he was who she was "meant to be with" so there would be no loose ends. Never did we expect fans to believe that Luis was Sheridan's "Unhealthy Obsession" and that Antonio was who she was "Fated" to be with. That’s why we threw in that line that Gwen told Sheridan(that she was settling for "second best"), because we knew the viewers felt that way. It was more about wrapping the show up without any loose ends than upsetting "Shuis" fans by leaving them heartbroken and feeling that James Reilly hated them.

I just want all you “Shuis” fans to know that, that was the story behind what happened to Luis/Sheridan, so you don’t have to go around thinking that James Reilly hated the “Shuis” fans because that was never the case at all!
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