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Viewing Single Post From: Womack agent denies 'Enders plot rows

Grandpa Hughes
Jan 7 2011, 03:48 PM
I really hate this stupid protest! I'm back in August which for me means being a couple of WEEKS behind! I'm determined to catch up! Does anyone have any old material about the reaction to Sue and Ali's baby dying in 1985? I know there was no baby switch but the people squawking about this don't seem to realize this would be in character for a woman who's lost a baby, the daughter she thought was dead, that daughter's baby( Danielle's abortion) and has been a survivor of childhood incest/ rape! I think Ronnie has suffered enough and "resting" her is a good idea!
Plus, her slut sister and cousin having her husband's baby when she couldn't and I think she had a miscarriage too.
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Womack agent denies 'Enders plot rows · British Soap Discussion