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Hello! I need your help. I have been invited to speak before the American Popualr Culture Association at their annual conference in San Antonio, Texas in mid-April. I spoke at their last conference in St. Louis in April 2010. My topic is 'The History of Soap Fan-Dom.' I want to discuss the evolution of when it was, virtually, impossible for a fan to contact or hear from a soap star, to the era of large scale fan club luncheons, and now soap cruises, etc...I have attended a DS Fan Club event in the past and was amazed at the crowds...I told my wife at the time that you would think that there was a reunion of all FOUR Beatles...in any event, I have written the DS website twice for a request for an interview, but have not heard anything. I think it is a testimony to not only DS but to also the power of soap operas that a show that has been gone for nearly 40 years (in first run shows) can inspire such fan devotion. I welcome any and all responses from DS fans on the Daytime Royalty Board, and will properly credit you in my presentation. Thanking you in advance...
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