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Who is your favorite actor as an original or recast character?

AJ: Billy Warlock (yes I know it is the unpopular choice but I really liked him)
Carly: Sarah Brown or Tamara Braun. Sarah was really good but since her Claudia drop in I don't like her as much.
Duke: Ian Buchanan - I love him as Duke! He as FH were one hot couple. He was perfect for her!
Edward: David Lewis or John Ingle? I really. love them both. They both were wonderful Edwards!
Emily: Natalia Livingston - I never took to Amber! Natalia I love as Emily but NOT rebecca!
Gia: Marisa Ramirez- She played Snarky better than anyone I know!
Jerry: Julian Stone or Sebastian Roche - They both brought something totally different to the role! Julian was wonderful and was perfect with Bobbie. Sabastian playes crazy wicked better than anyone!
Justus: Joseph C. Phillips, Monti Sharp or M'fundo Morrison NONE of these stood out to me at all so I guess none?
Lois: Rena Sofer - She was wonderful! And those fingernails! LOL!
Lucky: Greg Vaughan. Probably not a popular choice either. But he plays the MAN lucky better than anyone. He fits this part and has wonderful sparks with everyone he worked with!
Maxie: Kirsten Storms- She gave Maxie that sexy spark and made Maxie HERS!
Michael: Chad Duell
Ned: Kurt McKinney or Wally Kurth- Both came with something different. Kurt was wonderful in the role as Monica's tennis coach and lover but Wally plays the adult Ned perfectly and was excellant with Lois, Alexis, and as the gatekeeper!
Nikolas: Tyler Christopher - I remember the other guy but Tyler is the Nik of our hearts.
Steven Lars: Scott Reeves- I didn't even remember anyone else in the role! Scott has really taken this role and run with it!
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