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I actually hate Unearthly Child, other than the first part. And Mind Robber is pretty meh for me as well. It had some good ideas, but the I think the last minute addition of a 5th episode (The Dominators was supposed to be a 6 parter, but wasn't working out so the episode was reallocated) sunk it. It just dragged on too long.

Since you're starting down the road of the 3rd Doctor - you gotta check out Inferno. Arguably the best of his run. The Silurians is also a classic. Alot of his best stories still havent been released yet - he suffered badly from the junking policy as well. Every episode exists, but many only in black / white and then recolourized using the signal from old Betamax tapes of off-air PBS and TVO recordings. (The extras on this are facinating, for a technology junkie like myself)
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