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Favorite couple anyone? Examples:

Luke and Laura
Steve and Audrey
Alan and Monica
Edward and Lila
Rick and Lesley
Robert and Holly
Frisco and Felicia
Robert and Anna
Duke and Anna
Sean and Tiffany
Tony and Bobbie
Tom and Simone
Sonny and Brenda
Sonny and Lily
Sonny and Carly
Jax and Brenda
Ned and Lois
Stone and Robin
Mac and Felicia
AJ and Carly
AJ and Courtney
Jason and Robin
Jason and Courtney
Jason and Sam
Sonny and Alexis
Ric and Alexis
Dillon and Georgie
Lucky and Elizabeth
Nikolas and Emily
Patrick and Robin
Lucy and Kevin
Jax and Carly
Luke and Tracy
Paul and Jenny
Jagger and Karen
Spinelli and Lulu
Spinelli and Maxie
Dante and Lulu
Nikolas and Elizabeth
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