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"It's romance and Gothic mystery,"

Gothic mystery? Really?

"Bo and Hope are going to find center stage again.

I don't know how they'll ever find it. The glares from Melanie's teeth and Sami's hair should have blinded them by now, and if they can see past that EJ's flapping his arms to distract them from center stage. I bet they find center stage for one episode.
Bo realizes that he made a mistake and breaks up with Carly. It will take a while, but Bo and Hope will be together solid.
Way to take out all the drama, Corday.
Hope doesn't want to be a cop anymore, but Hope needs the action, so it will bring her to a point where she says to Bo that she feels adrift in her life, and what happens then?"
I know where she can get some action.

This story will play well into spring."
Well, that figures. Because it sounds terrible.

"Taylor is back in town and tries to get close to Nicole. EJ and Taylor meet and it's like lightening striking. EJ doesn't know who Taylor is until she walks down the aisle at his wedding to Nicole and he realizes that he is uncomfortable being around her because of the feelings he has for her. The entire point is to see EJ for the first time have a heart that can be broken. That leaves Nicole not knowing what's going on, but she's still in love with Brady."
Most of this doesn't even make sense.
"There will be big changes in these people's lives. Chloe is suffering from postpartum depression and it's much deeper than anyone knows. She feels as though she has nothing to live for. This baby is more of a load on her, as it can be with newborns, and she puts his life - and hers - in serious danger when she tries to take her own life. Kate will take advantage of Chloe's depression.
Another suicide? Really?
Melanie faces some devastating losses, which I'm sure you can figure out."
Obviously she loses her teeth.

"Daniel saves Jennifer's life and this is the start of, you save someone's life, they owe you theirs.

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