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So um Rafe2 is a robot? Sometimes this show does have a sense of humor. How they fuck are they gonna tell the difference? Sami sees something is wrong when they have sex? Yeah RobotRafe has a bigger dick or he wants to do it doggy style. :lol: Either way :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Sami does it with a robot. I think Robot Rafe will be like NewJohn. All I ask is he shoves Sami's head into a door like New John did to Marlena. :lol: and calls her stupid boring dull ugly lazy and she has hideous hair. She is also a bad lay. :lol:

Instant angst for EJ and Taylor I see. I think they sleep together. Awkward much. EJ always develops feelings for the woman he sleeps with. he cant help his girl tendencies. :lol:

Dan continues his creepy track record of getting it on with his patients. ewwwww.

Hope and Bo get back together and then get backburnered. Where does that leave Carly if Dr. Creepy is for Jen?

Melanie loses the baby. dont care. She is barely an adult.
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