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Favorite couple anyone? I have quite a few because couples are my favorite part of Gh!
Alan and Monica I loved that they have made it thru everything including multiple affairs!
Edward and Lila They are the ultimate couple even when she found out about his affairs and other children she was sweet. When they had no place to live she got them a apartment at Ruby's and figured out how to make some money
Robert and Anna They blend! They were both agents who put their life on the line
Frisco and Felicia They are the first couple I was invested in!
Sean and Tiffany I loved their wedding when he finally found out her name! LOL! Still makes me smile that a super agent didn't know his fiancee's real name! LOL!
Tony and Tanya They blended so well that even their hair matched. When she died I cried so hard. But when he did recently I cried for the whole hour!
Ned and Lois They were the FUN couple! I have never laughed harder at any couple!
Stone and Robin sweet but a immature love that ended so sadly. Saddest couple!
Jason and Robin They were the perfect rebound couple! He was exactly what she needed at that point of her life
Dillon and Georgie young love that began with the best scene when she walked up and kissed him! So cute and shy Georgie laid one on him! FUNNY! And they ended friends after their divorce. What a great example!
Lucky and Elizabeth He helped her thru the worst thing a girl could ever experience. His love got her thru! He listened and stuck by her when things got bad!
Elizabeth and Rick When he sang to her it was so sweet. I enjoyed their relationship. Partly because he had his shirt off regular! LOL! But partly because he was the only time she seemed to get passed Lucky.
Patrick and Robin I love them! they are and were my favorite. The scene where he stood outside her window and played music until she agreed to come out and talk to him and he finally makes her believe that he loves her was the sweetest scene!
Lucy and Kevin They were fun and fun loving. Where Lucy did her stip tease to make money for AIDS research was so funny especially when he offered to pay her to keep her clothes on! LOL!
Lulu and Johnny He sang to her! I love it when they do that. He was willing to give up everything to be with her!
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