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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

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I think Rafe2 is going to be unpredictable and perhaps worse than Stefano even realized. I tink someone's going to get hurt or threatened in ways they didn't expect. he's going to be living with those kids you ralize.
Oh, I agreee. EJ has made it plain to Daddy that Samanthar and the kids are to remain unharmed. Just the fact that he even said that, coupled with what GG tweeted, makes you know things aren't going to go as planned, and Rafe2 may go off the deep end and at least try to do something to Sami and the kids, or put them in harm's way.
Come on HAS you do not have to be nice I bet you are thinking the same thing that I am about that choice of words "wild ride." :shame: :shame:

Good point about Rafe 2 JamesScott_19 I bet he will be unpredictable too and do thngs that even Stefano did not see coming after all plans never go the way that people want them to and I do not think that this one will either.
Thanks triplet, you always share my thoughts :D
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